Agility Insight provides education & enablement on technologies used across a whole range of businesses. We specialise in IBM technologies and structure the learning to complement an all-inclusive program which will allow the candidates to:
 Gain education and enablement skills
  Use the education to develop greater practical understanding of the deployment of technologies within our hands-on labs
  Become confident with both the theory and the hands-on environment and achieve certification
  Meet corporate decision makers for rewarding professions
The staff at Agility Insight have an understanding of the industry at both the strategic and business level.We have decades of experience in the education and the corporate business sector.   Our knowledge and familiarity of the learning and placement provision helps us to ensure that our trained professional candidates secure excellent consultant and deployment roles leading to key decision making opportunities within their enterprise. Our training model provides education and enablement skills to both the experienced consultant looking to up-skill as well as to those deployment architects who are looking to gain new skills in the IBM software and systems environment. You will find us to be polite and welcoming and ready to help you harness your full potential.