IBM Professional Certification Program

IBM’s Professional
provides an authentic way for skilled IT professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.
The demand for qualified, professional resources, proficient in IBM technologies and solutions is ever increasing. By dedicating your time with Agility Insight we will help you to understand both the theory and practical elements of the course so that you can be confident of successfully attaining your desired certification.
The certification requirements are demanding, but we will help you throughout the learning process. Having demonstrated your ability to commit time and effort in attaining the qualifications, it proves to your employers that their investment in you will be an excellent benefit for their organisation. The mission of IBM Professional Certification is to:
Provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing skills and knowledge
Provide IBM a method of building and validating the skills of individuals and organizations
Develop a loyal community of highly skilled certified professionals who recommend, sell, service, support and/or use IBM products and solutionsYou can find out more information about IBM Professional Certificate Program by clicking here.Tests are organised in association with Pearson view. Details of exams can be found here.