Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a key activity to undergo if you want to deliver a superior customer experience to your clients. Most companies think first about the front-end user experience when challenged with improving digital customer experience. There is a natural tendency to gravitate toward the direct human interface: web features and functionality, design, native mobile apps versus mobile web and more.

While the business opportunities of digitalization are obvious, there are number of challenges for enterprises to overcome and pitfalls to avoid on their transformation journey.

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Process Transformation

Process Transformation is a complete approach focused on aligning all aspects of an organization business activity against the requirements of their customers, vendors and internal employees. Transformation promotes business effectiveness and operational efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. Transformation attempts to continuously improve business operations.
Process transformation enable organizations to achieve better alignment between business processes and the IT components that govern them against the requirements of both their internal and external clients.
Aligning IT components with distinct execution steps in the process, together with business context visibility and management, BPM solutions can indeed enable continuous development of effective, efficient and flexible business process execution.

Why BPM?

The business landscape has become intensely competitive for almost all businesses. For some this is driven by globalization; for others, weakness in their local market economies is the driver of increased competition. As barriers-to-entry for competitors become easier, Legacy businesses mustcompete harder than ever to keep and grow their market share in an uncertain economy. To operate successfully in today’s market, businesses must find ways to reap the kind of benefits process automation delivers. Otherwise, they are missing out on greater profits, at worst they risk being overrun by their competition.