Protrainer2ficient in ILOG JRule Studio for Developer, RTS, RSM, RES,  and Business Analysts as well as the Optimizer and scheduler OPL & CPLEX, SOA, J2EE technologies, Senior Technical Architect, proficient in implementing ILOGJRules, OPL, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, IBM WebSphere Certified Instructor for J2EE and Administrator Track, IBM WebSphere Certified Solution Developer, WebLogic Application Server, JAVA, J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, SERVLET, JSP, JMS, RMI, EJB, XML, XSLT, JAXP, JAXM, Web Services, JS, UML, OOA&D, RUP Process, CORBA, CVS, ANT, Struts, C/C++, Design Patterns, Apache Web Server, WSAD, WAS, WebSphere Portal (WPS), Portlet, WebSphere Integration Developer (WID),WebSphere Business Modeller (WBM), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), WebSphere Process Server (WPS), Struts, Eclipse Plug-in Development, JDeveloper, Perl, FORTRAN, Korn/C Shell programming, Excel, Word, UNIX/LINUX, DOS, Windows NT/95 operating system and Networking, System Administration, UNIX software development tools, Building and maintaining large Web based application as well as programs for numerical modelling and simulation, Digital Signal Processing, Kalman Filter Data Analysis and Presentation, Computational and technical consultant, Experience with SUN, DEC and PC, Hardware knowledge. Project/Program Management. Developed and Evaluate course material both for Instructor lead training and Computer Base Training, Pre-Sale activities & support. Familiar with TIBCO Business Studio.



J2EE, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, IBM WebSphere Certified Instructor and developer for J2EE and Administrator Track, IBM WebSphere Certified Solution Developer, Rational, TogetherSoft, Visio, Jakarta App Server, WebSphere Studio SOA, WSAD & RAD & RSA, WebSphere App Server (WAS), WebSphere Portal(WPS), WebSphere Integration Developer (WID), WebSphere Business Modeler (WBM), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), WebSphere Process Server (WPS), WebLogic, Eclipse Plug-in Development, ILOG JRules, OPL, CPLEX, RTS, RSM, RES, TIBCO Business Studio, JDeveloper, Struts, Spring Framework, Hibernate, VisualAge, VisualCafe, MATLAB, ACAD, EXCEL, MSWORD, Personal Computers (DOS, WINDOWS),  main frame (VAX/VMS), AS400, SUN workstations (UNIX), SCO UNIX and APPLE, NT.




Senior Technical Architect / Systems & Program Analyst and Designer / Engineer / Scientist / Instructor / Mentor

September 2001 – Present       MP Consulting Associates / Web CTM Solutions.

JAVA / J2EE / UNIX, LINUX / C++ / SOA,  Spring Framework, Hibernate ,Servlet, JSP, JDBC, EJB, RMI, JMS / XML/XSLT, CVS, ANT, Struts, UML, ILOG JRules, RTS, RES, RSM, Rule Studio OPL, OOA&D, RUP Process, Web Services (WSDK), WebSphere(WSAD & WAS, WPS, WID, WBM, ESB), Eclipse Plug-in Development, WebLogic (System Admin, Web Services), JDeveloper, Struts, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, IBM WebSphere Certified Instructor for J2EE and Administrator Track, etc.

As an ILOG business partner, I training/mentor and consult clients in implementing JRULES as part of their overall solutions, either within new application or with an existing one, that needs to separate the Business Rules from the rest of the application, i.e. externalization of business rules. In achieving this task one need to be a Solutions/Integration/J2EE and JRules architect as well as a developer. In addition I design the topology needed to provide an integrated solution that encompasses J2EE, Rule Execution Server (RES), Rule Team Server (RTS), Rule Scenario Managers (RSM) as well as Rule Studio (RS). I have been involved with a number of clients for the last few years that I have been working with and using  ILOG products, spanning all kind of industries and all kind of projects, such as financial, medical and government applications.

Involvement with full cycle development of software which include Requirement Gathering, Design and Develop Applications, Mentoring, for South Florida Water Management District, since August of 2002 to present.

As an IBM business partner and solution provider as well as instructor, I am get involved with projects as a Solution, Integration, Architect, Mentor and trainer, using WebSphere and well as Rational tolls , such as WebSphere Application Server (WAS), Network Deployment,  WebSphere Portal Server (WPS), Rational Software Architecture, WebSphere Enterprise Services Bus (ESB), WebSphere Business Modeler (WBM), IBM SOA platforms and other tools as needed bases.

Consulting, Trained and Mentored IT professionals at Financial Institutions (Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch), Healthcare Systems( Blue Cross, HighMark), Auto Data Technologies, Government Agencies (US Army, Navy & Air Force, South Florida Water Management District, Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia), etc. on:

Getting Started with SOA

Designing SOA Solutions with the IBM SOA Foundation

Integration Using IBM WebSphere Integration Developer and Process Server

JAVA programming with JFC

Introduction to Server Side Java

Advance JAVA 2 programming

JAVA Servlet and JSP programming using WSAD, Jakarta-Tomcat and JDeveloper

Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) Programming using WSAD,  JDeveloper

Introduction to XML, XSLT and XML Programming Using Java

LINUX Fundamentals /  LINUX System Admin / Shell Programming

Apache Web Server / Application Servers (J-Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic)

Web architecture and implementation (OOAD/UML)

Conduction Boot Camp Training for Web Developer Sun Certification

Web Services using WebLogic and WebSphere

Portlet Programming Using Rational/WebSphere

Application Server Administration Using WebSphere and WebLogic

WebSphere Portal Server Administration


Countries that I have work in as a Consultant, Trainer or a Mentor

USA, Japan, England, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India


Senior Technical Architect 

October 2000-September 2001                       Silverline Technology Inc.


  • Technical Consultant and Senior Architect for Web Based Applications.
  • Involved in Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation.
  • Mentored clients in better understanding of OOAD methodology,RUP Process, UML and Web technologies
  • Implementation using J2EE technologies.
  • Program/Project management of large applications.
  • Product evaluation and analysis.
  • Pre-Sale activities & Support.
  • Consulting Manager for other technical Architects.


Project participation:

  • Site Search: Provided the functionality for a user to search a VW.comsite for a specific car.

oRole: Technical Architect

oSoftware used: Java, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML.

  • Financial Net Sale : Provide maintenance and display the financial information for an international division of ToysRUs. This is a web based intranet project.

oRole: Technical Architect, Program/Project Manager

oSoftware used: WebSphere, VisualAge, Java, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML.

  • Global Labor System: Provide effective labor planning to generate payroll budgeting throughout International community and US for ToysRUs. This is a web based global intranet application.

oRole: Technical Architect

oSoftware used: WebSphere, VisualAge,  Java, Servlet, JSP,  JDBC, JavaScript, HTML.



Senior Technical Architect / Systems & Program Analyst and Designer / Engineer / Scientist / Instructor /Mentor

August 94 – October 2000                  MP Consulting Associates

  • Senior Architect for Web Based Applications using VisualAge, WebSphere, Visual Café, Apache, Windows NT and Unix.
  • Instructor and Technical Consultant in UNIX operating system; Korn/C Shell Programming; System Administration; C/C++/JAVA, Perl programming; software development on UNIX.

Teaching Experience

April 95 – October 2000

Instructor for Learningtree International, Instruction Set Inc. Training/etc. and few other companies. Teach JAVA, Servlet, EJB, JSP, Applet, JFC, UML, OOA&D, UNIX courses, Shell Programming, C/C++, Perl programming, UNIX System Administration and UNIX Software Development Tools.

  • Numerical Modelling and Data Analysis consultant.
  • Involved in system design and network engineering.
  • Extensive experience in writing shell script for menu driven interfaces and numerical models.


Numerical Modelling Consultant

August 94 – December 95              University of Miami

  • Developed numerical model for 3D wave equation using C/C++ programming on PC and UNIX platform.


Research Engineer

April 94 – August 94               Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Involved with Data Analysis, Preparation of initialisation fields wrote interfaces using C/C++ and FORTRAN for numerical models, Post-processing model output and presentation using 2D and 3D graphics and wrote Shell scripts for UNIX.


Research Associate

September 91 – April 94                      Harvard University

  • Involved with Numerical Modelling, Data Analysis, Inverse Modelling, Development and maintaining large numerical codes using C and FORTRAN and Shell programming, on the SUN platform using UNIX operating system.
  • Wrote interfaces for model initialisation and data assimilation, Pre- and Post-processing real & model data, Data Interpolation and Extension and Mode Analysis.


Post-Doctoral Fellow

May 90 – September 91                       University of Miami

  • Involved with Data Analysis, Numerical Modelling.
  • Involved with deployment of underwater experiments.
  • Wrote interfaces for data extraction and analysis using C on the SUN platform and UNIX operating system.
  • Involved with 2D and 3D graphic presentation.





August 95 – August 96

University of Central Florida

Adjunct Faculty in the Physics Department

June 95 – August 95

Valencia Community College

Lecturer in the Math Department

January 83 – May 90

Florida International University

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics



Research Engineer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ocean Engineering, Cambridge, MA, April 94 – August 94

Research Associate and Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University, Division of Applied Sciences, Cambridge, MA, September 91 – April 94

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Miami, RSMAS, Applied Marine Physics/Ocean Engineering, May 90 – September 91

Ph.D. Physics, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, May 1989

M.S. Physics, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, June 1984

B.Sc. Honours Physics with minor in electronics, University of Sussex, GB, June 1982



Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform.

IBM WebSphere Certified Solution Developer

IBM Certified  Instructor for WebSphere Development Studio (WSAD)

IBM Certified  Instructor for WebSphere  Administrator (WAS)




American Physical Society

American Acoustic Society

American Geophysical Socity


Office of Naval Research, April 1994



Broad interest in all technical, pure and applied scientific and engineering issues. Special interests are: OOAD & Application Design and Programming in JAVA/J2EE, SOA, Portel, JAVA/J2EE, C/C++; Image; Voice; Networking, Wireless technology; Financial Data Modelling and Analysis; Numerical, Analytical, Dynamical Modelling and Forecasting; Inverse Methods, System Administration, Boating, Chess, Swimming, Travelling.